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Professional Durability
4 Piece welded construction, gas strut sleeves and powder coat protection ensure professional durability
Heavy Duty Security
Tamper resistant push button locks, reinforced front panel and a C-channel reinforced lid provide serious security for valuables

Weather Resistant
4-sided weather resistant D-shaped ribbed weather strip and foam keeps everything dry

Integrated Features
Included plastic storage tray and no-drill mounting kit make the Defender Series truck boxes great addition to any vehicle


The new WEATHER GUARD® DEFENDER SERIES™ provides Professional Protection. These new affordable truck boxes include tamper-resistant locks, steel reinforced, looped strikers, D-shaped ribbed weather stripping, and heavy-duty welded aluminum box construction. They also come with a seven year warranty.

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Series Model Matrix

Model No.StyleBox TypeColorApprox. Product Height (m)Approx. Product Width (m)Approx. Product Length (m)Buy Online
300104-53-01Saddle BoxCompact SlimBlack18-3/16 in19-5/8 in61-7/8 in
300104-9-01Saddle BoxCompact SlimUncoated18-3/16 in19-5/8 in61-7/8 in
300105-53-01Saddle BoxFull StandardBlack17-11/16 in19-5/8 in71-3/8 in
300105-9-01Saddle BoxFull StandardUncoated17-11/16 in19-5/8 in71-3/8 in
300106-53-01Saddle BoxFull Low ProfileBlack16-3/16 in19-5/8 in71-3/8 in
300106-9-01Saddle BoxFull Low ProfileUncoated16-3/16 in19-5/8 in71-3/8 in
300207-53-01Cross BoxFull StandardBlack17-3/4 in19-5/8 in71-1/2 in
300207-9-01Cross BoxFull StandardUncoated17-3/4 in19-5/8 in71-1/2 in
300300-53-01Lo-Side BoxStandardBlack12-7/8 in16-5/8 in60-1/8 in
300300-9-01Lo-Side BoxStandardUncoated12-7/8 in16-5/8 in60-1/8 in
300301-53-01Lo-Side BoxLongBlack12-7/8 in16-5/8 in72-1/8 in
300301-9-01Lo-Side BoxLongUncoated12-7/8 in16-5/8 in72-1/8 in
300302-53-01Hi-Side BoxStandardBlack16-1/16 in13-1/3 in60-1/8 in
300302-9-01Hi-Side BoxStandardUncoated16-1/16 in13-1/3 in60-1/8 in
300303-53-01Hi-Side BoxLongBlack16-1/16 in13-1/3 in90-1/8 in
300303-9-01Hi-Side BoxLongUncoated16-1/16 in13-1/3 in90-1/8 in
300304-53-01Lo-Side BoxShortBlack12-7/8 in16-5/8 in46-5/8 in
300304-9-01Lo-Side BoxShortUncoated12-7/8 in16-5/8 in46-5/8 in
300401-53-01All Purpose ChestStandardBlack19-1/4 in19-5/8 in50-1/4 in
300401-9-01All Purpose ChestStandardUncoated19-1/4 in19-5/8 in50-1/4 in
300500-53-01Underbed BoxShortBlack19 in19 in36 in
300500-9-01Underbed BoxShortUncoated19 in19 in36 in
300501-53-01Underbed BoxStandardBlack19 in19 in48 in
300501-9-01Underbed BoxFull-SizeUncoated19 in19 in48 in
302105-53-01Saddle BoxFull StandardBlack17-11/16 in19-5/8 in71-3/8 in
302105-9-01Saddle BoxFull StandardUncoated17-11/16 in19-5/8 in71-3/8 in