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Read how WEATHER GUARD® Storage Systems have held up for our customers under both the tests of time and tense situations. If you have your own WEATHER GUARD Equipment story, send it our way. We'd love to hear it! And if we publish your story, we'll send you a free WEATHER GUARD Hat of your choice!
"The WEATHER GUARD Truck Tool Boxes are the best. I purchased one for my work truck and worked it hard for twenty years. The truck gave up before the box at 300,000 miles. I purchased a new truck and had to have a new WEATHER GUARD Box just because of cosmetic reasons. I did not want to throw out the old box thinking someone might have a use for it. I put it out in the annual neighborhood garage sale. Sure enough, someone happened by and had a use. Great boxes, and keep up the great work."
- Dennis, Simi Valley, CA
"I had a head-on collision when someone crossed the road in front of me. My WEATHER GUARD Truck Tool Box was the only thing that could be salvaged. It didn't have a scratch on it."
- Paul, Lebanon, KY "We had bought our WEATHER GUARD Tool Boxes for mining jobs in Sonora, Mexico. We used the boxes for overnight storage of sensitive field testing and analytical equipment. One morning (truck being parked at a storage yard) we come to find out that someone attempted a break in and was unsuccessful in their attempt. Doing damage to the box with hammers and crowbars, but were unsuccessful in getting into the boxes. For this I was grateful and will always trust the quality and security of WEATHER GUARD Tool Boxes. It protected our investment. Thanks for the quality products and good customer service. Worth its weight in gold!" - Elizardo, Tucson, AZ
Weather Guard Truck Tool Storage Solution
"I purchased a Model #127 aluminum crossover box in 1992, it is on its 3rd truck, with only 1 set of lid supports. It is used hard, looks great, and everything works great. WEATHER GUARD Labels are still intact on the sides. Thanks for a very good product."
- John, Pottsville, PA
"After packing up and leaving a jobsite with the tailgate down on my truck I headed to a supply house to pick up a shower base. I did not realize my PACK RAT® Tool Box was not fully closed. The tailgate was left open by mistake. The drawer of the tool box started to open as we went around the corner and speed increased. I did not realize this right away. On the freeway a couple cars ahead of me, one car rear ended another and brake lights came on all over. As I am about to hit the breaks I hear a horn behind me — a car is about to slam into my tailgate and I realize the tool box drawer is way out there. I decide to get onto the shoulder rather than hit the car ahead of me. The car behind me does the same but slams into the drawer of the tool box as I start slowing down. The drawer closes as the car hits it and the tailgate. Once we all stop, the car behind me has a damaged grill and headlight and a small dent and scratch on its hood. I have a damaged tailgate. The PACK RAT Tool Box is fine other than some minor scratches on the drawer. I lost a few sawzall blades along the way but other than that the PACK RAT Tool Box works fine and kept all its contents during this escapade."
- Carl, Bloomington, MN
"I was driving my truck on the freeway, going about 60 mph, when the tread separated on the left rear tire. I hit a temporary highway sign and the truck went in the air, twisted around and landed upside down. After I knew my wife and I were safe, I realized my WEATHER GUARD Truck Box was still locked. The truck was totaled, but the box didn't even open. Inside the box, I had a bunch of small hand tools, a power saw, drill bit and nail sets stuff you need for construction work. It was easily more than $1,000 in value. But nothing was damaged, just jumbled. More importantly, the tools weren't all over the highway. It's really a quality box and very secure."
- Wesley, Bakersfield, CA