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Model 9505-3-01 Security Shelf Door, 10-1/2 in x 52 in


Shelf doors with High Security D Handle Locks mount to shelf units or, for 13 in deep adjustable  van shelf units, to retainer lips. Model 9505-3-01 measures 10-1/2 in high and 52 in wide.


  • Mount to pre-punched shelves
  • Allow six mounting spaces shelf to shelf spacing
  • Mount to Model 9705-3-01 retainer lip with 13 in deep shelving to convert floor space under shelf unit into a cabinet
  • Add a Model 9605-3-01 back panel to the shelf unit to create an enclosed cabinet
  • High security D Handle Lock with single point latch
  • Brite White ARMOR-TUF® Powder Coat finish


FeatureSize / Details
Width52 in
Powder Coat FinishYes
Shelf Width52 in
Approx. Shipping Weight Lbs.14
Approx. Cu. Ft. Per Unit0.9

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Additional Adjustable Models

Model No.ColorWidthMaterialPowder Coat FinishShelf HeightShelf WidthBuy Online
8393-3-01White42-1/4 inSteelYes3 in36 in
8394-3-01White51-1/4 inSteelYes3 in42 in
8395-3-01White69-1/4 inSteelYes3 in52 in
8841Black14 inPolyetheleneNo
9113-3-01White36 inSteelYes2 in36 in
9114-3-01White42 inSteelYes2 in42 in
9115-3-01White52 inSteelYes2 in52 in
9116-3-01White60 inSteelYes2 in60 in
9123-3-01White36 inSteelYes2 in36 in
9124-3-01White42 inSteelYes2 in42 in
9125-3-01White52 inSteelYes2 in52 in
9126-3-01White60 inSteelYes2 in60 in
9133-3-01White36 inSteelYes2 in36 in
9134-3-01White42 inSteelYes2 in42 in
9135-3-01White52 inSteelYes2 in52 in
9136-3-01White60 inSteelYes2 in60 in
9143-3-01White36 inSteelYes2 in36 in
9144-3-01White42 inSteelYes2 in42 in
9145-3-01White52 inSteelYes2 in52 in
9146-3-01White60 inSteelYes2 in60 in
9163-3-01White36 inSteelYes2 in36 in
9164-3-01White42 inSteelYes2 in42 in
9165-3-01White52 inSteelYes2 in52 in
9166-3-01White60 inSteelYes2 in60 in
9203-3-01White2 inSteelYes34 in13-1/2 in
9204-3-01White2 inSteelYes44 in16 in
9206-3-01White2 inSteelYes60 in16 in
9234-3-01White2 inSteelYes44 in13-1/2 in
9236-3-01White2 inSteelYes60 in16 in
9274-3-01White2 inSteelYes44 in16 in
9276-3-01White2 inSteelYes60 in16 in
9333-3-03White36 inSteelYes2 in36 in
9334-3-03White42 inSteelYes2 in42 in
9335-3-03White52 inSteelYes2 in52 in
9336-3-03White60 inSteelYes2 in60 in
9343-3-03White36 inSteelYes2 in36 in
9344-3-03White42 inSteelYes2 in42 in
9345-3-03White52 inSteelYes2 in52 in
9346-3-03White60 inSteelYes2 in36 in
9353-3-03White36 inSteelYes2 in42 in
9354-3-03White42 inSteelYes2 in52 in
9355-3-03White52 inSteelYes2 in60 in
9356-3-03White60 inSteelYes2 in60 in
9363-3-03White36 inSteelYes2 in36 in
9364-3-03White42 inSteelYes2 in42 in
9365-3-03White52 inSteelYes2 in52 in
9366-3-03White60 inSteelYes2 in60 in
9373-3-03White36 inSteelYes2 in36 in
9374-3-03White42 inSteelYes2 in42 in
9375-3-03White52 inSteelYes2 in52 in
9376-3-03White60 inSteelYes2 in60 in
9381-3-03White42 inSteelYes2 in42 in
9391-3-03White42 inSteelYes2 in42 in
9503-3-01White36 inSteelYes36 in
9504-3-01White42 inSteelYes42 in
9505-3-01White52 inSteelYes52 in
9506-3-01White60 inSteelYes60 in
9603-3-02White36 inSteelYes36 in
9604-3-01White42 inPlasticYes
9604-3-02White42 inSteelYes42 in
9605-3-02White52 inSteelYes52 in
9606-3-02White60 inSteelYes60 in
9730-3-01White1-1/2 inSteelYes36 in
9740-3-01White1-1/2 inSteelYes44 in
9760-3-01White1-1/2 inSteelYes60 in
9823White13 inSteelNo
9826White16 inSteelNo
9832Black13 inPolyetheleneNo
9836Black16 inPolyetheleneNo
9992-3-01White42 inSteelYes