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Model 600-8214L Electrical Contractor Van Package, Mid-Roof, Ford Transit, 148 WB

Performance Overview

Designed for electricians and electrical contractors, Model 600-8214L, Mid-Roof,  148 WB  Ford Transit vans provides adjustable shelving sized to fit the van, shelf doors, 12 storage bins, a wire spool holder and accessories. Includes a sturdy bulkhead for maximum protection against shifting loads. Additional products available to create a custom van solution.


  • Fits Ford Mid-Roof, 148 WB Transit vans
  • Includes 60 in high adjustable shelving and a mesh bulkhead with swing door kit
  • Custom organization accessories increase productivity of electricians and electrical contractors
  • Add Model 218-3 All-Purpose Rack and two 2510F mounting kits for a work-ready van
  • Additional products available to create a custom van solution


FeatureSize / Details
Vehicle Brand, ModelFord Transit
Vehicle TypeMid-Roof
Vehicle Year2015 and newer
Wheel BaseLong
Approx. Shipping Wt. Lbs.709

Package Contents

Part NumberQtyDescription
96312-3-011Model 96312-3-01 Screen Bulkhead, Mid-Roof, Ford Transit
96901-3-011Model 96901-3-01 Swing Door Conversion Kit
9236-3-012Model 9236-3-01 Tapered End Panel Set 60 in x 13 in x 1-1/2 in
9075-3-011Model 9075-3-01 Adjustable 4 Shelf Set, 52 in x 13 in
9505-3-011Model 9505-3-01 Security Shelf Door, 10-1/2 in x 52 in
9605-3-012Model 9605-3-01 Lightweight Shelf Back Panel, 13-1/2 in x 52 in
9859-7-011Model 9859-7-01 Medium 6 Bin Set, 7 in x 8-1/4 in x 10-7/8 in
9076-3-011Model 9076-3-01 Adjustable 4 Shelf Set, 60 in x 13 in
9606-3-012Model 9606-3-01 Lightweight Shelf Back Panel, 13-1/2 in x 36 in
9858-7-011Model 9858-7-01 Small 6 Bin Set, 5 in x 5-1/2 in x 10-7/8 in
9882-7-011Model 9882-7-01 Wire Spool Holder End Mount
9266-3-011Model 9266-3-01 Heavy Duty Tapered End Panel Set 62 in x 16 in x 1-1/2 in
9045-3-021Model 9045-3-02 Secure Storage Module, 5 Drawer, 42 in x 17 in x 16 in
9992-3-011Model 9992-3-01 Top Shelf Unit, 13 in x 42 in
9164-3-011Model 9164-3-01 Accessory Shelf, 42 in x 16 in
9504-3-011Model 9504-3-01 Security Shelf Door, 10-1/2 in x 42 in
9604-3-011Model 9604-3-01 Lightweight Shelf Back Panel, 13-1/2 in x 42 in
9880-3-011Model 9880-3-01 Literature Holder 6 compartment
9893-7-011Model 9893-7-01 Three Hook Cord Tool Holder



Additional Electric Models

Model No.Vehicle Brand, ModelVehicle TypeVehicle YearWheel BaseApprox. Shipping Wt. Lbs.
600-8114LFord TransitFull-Size2015 and newerLong479
600-8114RFord TransitFull-Size2015 and newerRegular457
600-8214LFord TransitMid-Roof2015 and newerLong709
600-8214RFord TransitMid-Roof2015 and newerRegular619
600-8244RAM ProMasterMid/High-Roof2014 and newer646
600-8314LChevy City Express, Nissan NV200Compact2014 and newerLong326
600-8324Chevy City express, Nissan NV200Compact2009 and newer326
600-8344RAM ProMaster CityCompact2015 and newer326
600-8414LFord TransitHigh-Roof2015 and newerLong709
600-8414XFord TransitHigh-Roof2015 and newerExtended767
600-9104GM, Ford E-SeriesFull-Size2000 and newer603
600-9134Nissan NVFull-Size2011 and newer632
600-9204Mercedes-Benz SprinterMid/High-roof2007 and newer811
600-9234Nissan NVHigh-Roof2011 and newer770