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Accessory Tray

Series Callout
Customize your truck boxes with Accessory Trays. The  ARMOR-TUF® Powder Coat finish ensures years of dependability.


  • ARMOR-TUF® Powder Coat finish ensures years of dependability




Model No.StyleColorHeightWidthLengthMaterial Buy Online
200-3Accessory TrayWhite3-1/2 in9-1/2 in41-1/2 inSteel
201-3Box AccessoriesWhite8 in11-3/4 in32-1/2 inSteel
202-3Accessory TrayWhite3-1/2 in9-1/2 in24 inSteel
613-3Accessory TrayWhite3 in14-5/8 in19-1/4 inSteel
614-3Accessory TrayWhite3 in14-5/8 in26-1/2 inSteel
615Accessory TrayRed19-1/4 in14 in3 inSteel
617Accessory TrayRed26-1/2 in14 in3 inSteel
618Box AccessoriesClear9-1/2 in9-1/4 in17-1/8 inPlastic
619-3Accessory TrayWhite3 in9 in18-1/2 inSteel
620-3Accessory TrayWhite3 in9 in25-1/2 inSteel
911Accessory TrayClear2 in11 in19 inPlastic