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Cab Protector

Series Callout
Cab Protectors are designed to protect the cab of pickups from shifting loads in the cargo area and provide heavy duty cab protection.


  • Limited lifetime warranty ensures unparalleled quality




Model No.StyleColorHeightWidthLengthMaterial Buy Online
1904-3-02Cab ProtectorWhite3 in27-1/2 in71-1/2 inSteel
1904-5-02Cab ProtectorBlack3 in27-1/2 in71-1/2 inSteel
1905-0-02Cab ProtectorClear3 in27-1/2 in71-1/2 inAluminum
1906-3-02Cab ProtectorWhite2-3/4 in27-1/2 in71-1/2 inSteel
1906-5-02Cab ProtectorBlack3 in27-1/2 in71-1/2 inSteel
1908Cab ProtectorBlack26-3/8 in71 inSteel
1910-3-01Cab ProtectorWhite2-1/2 in45 in60-1/2 inSteel
1910-5-01Cab ProtectorBlack2-1/2 in45 in60-1/2 inSteel
1912-3-01Mounting KitsWhite5 in13 in11 inSteel
1912-5-01Mounting KitsBlack5 in13 in11 inSteel
1921-3-01Mounting KitsWhite5-3/4 in4-3/4 in13 inSteel
1921-5-01Mounting KitsBlack5-3/4 in4-3/4 in13 inSteel
1925-3-01Mounting KitsWhite6 in4 in13 inSteel
1925-5-01Mounting KitsBlack6 in4 in13 inSteel