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Truck Racks

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Truck Racks are a bed-mounted solution that makes the job easier and safer. Designed for durability, stability, versatility and ease of installation.


  • Limited lifetime warranty ensures unparalleled quality




Model No.BrandColorApprox. Product HeightApprox. Product WidthApprox. Product LengthMaterialBuy Online
1200ATR®Aluminum29-1/2 in20 in67 inAluminum
1205ATR®Aluminum29-1/2 in20 in57 inAluminum
Do not mount on aluminum, plastic, fiberglass or top opening service body trucks; mount only on steel service bodies.
Black30 in72 in133-1/2 inSteel
1245Black8-1/4 in13-1/4 in133-1/2 inSteel
Capacity increases to 1,500 lbs when using the Accessory Screen
Ford Super Cab Super Duty, GM, Dodge and Ford F-150 extended cab require separate purchase of Model 1247 Airfoil
Black7 in30-1/4 in149-1/2inSteel
1280FAST RACK ®Black27-1/16 in1 in150-1/2 inSteel
1281FAST RACK ®Black4-3/4 in11 in65 inSteel
1283FAST RACK ®Black5 in11 in64-1/2 inSteel
1284FAST RACK ®Black5 in10-1/2 in65 inSteel
1287FAST RACK ®Black5 in10-3/4 in65 inSteel
1345Black7 in13 in133-1/2 inSteel
1375Black7 in13 in149-1/2 inSteel
1425-3White8 in30-1/4 in24-1/2 inAluminum
Uprights should be removed when not in use
WEEKENDER®Black52-1/2 in19 in to 36 in58-1/2 inSteel
Uprights should be removed when not in use
WEEKENDER®White2 in19 in52-1/2 inSteel
Uprights should be removed when not in use
WEEKENDER®Black2 in19 in52-1/2 inSteel
Uprights should be removed when not in use
WEEKENDER®Black63-1/4 in26 in to 36 in63-1/4 inSteel