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WEATHER GUARD® - Truck Box Extreme Protection® Lock Replacement Tutorial

How to change the Extreme Protection® Lock on a Top Opening WEATHER GUARD® box.
WEATHER GUARD® - Cross and Saddle Truck Box Installation Tutorial

WEATHER GUARD® Cross and Saddle Boxes are easy to install and here are a few tips and tricks to help ensure a quick and simple installation.

WEATHER GUARD - The NEW QuickDraw at Bullfighter School
Even at Dusty Tuckness' Bullfighter School, the toughest truck boxes are now available with QuickDraw access.
WEATHER GUARD - Productivity and Protection with Outdoor Channel's Hal Shaffer
WEATHER GUARD transforms your truck or van into a productive and organized mobile fortress that provides superior protection against brutal weather and break-ins.
WEATHER GUARD - A Force of Nature with Outdoor Channel's Hal Shaffer
Whether it's thieves or mother nature's unexpected fury, WEATHER GUARD means business.
Weatherguard Truck Box with Quick Draw Keyless Access System
Even cooler than the matt black finish on this model 127 saddle box is the keyless remote access system--a fob that works more or less like the one used to unlock the doors of a vehicle.
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