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WEATHER GUARD® - Truck Box Extreme Protection® Lock Replacement Tutorial

How to change the Extreme Protection® Lock on a Top Opening WEATHER GUARD® box.
WEATHER GUARD® - Cross and Saddle Truck Box Installation Tutorial

WEATHER GUARD® Cross and Saddle Boxes are easy to install and here are a few tips and tricks to help ensure a quick and simple installation.

WEATHER GUARD - The NEW QuickDraw at Bullfighter School
Even at Dusty Tuckness' Bullfighter School, the toughest truck boxes are now available with QuickDraw access.
WEATHER GUARD - Productivity and Protection with Outdoor Channel's Hal Shaffer
WEATHER GUARD transforms your truck or van into a productive and organized mobile fortress that provides superior protection against brutal weather and break-ins.
Weatherguard Truck Box with Quick Draw Keyless Access System
Even cooler than the matt black finish on this model 127 saddle box is the keyless remote access system--a fob that works more or less like the one used to unlock the doors of a vehicle.
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