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Real life. Real tough.

"... This is the best stuff money can buy! I have owned 3 trucks since 2000 and started using WEATHER GUARD equipment because my buddy gave me some shelving and I loved it! The shelving never came apart and never bent in the middle like the other manufacturer's equipment. Also when my cube van was hit in the side it worked as reinforcement to the wall and made it so I did not have extreme body damage."
— Craig Schrader

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Get a rebate from Ford, GM, or RAM when you upfit your van or truck with qualifying equipment by Weather Guard.


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REDZONE Accessories

End Panel Accessories

Looking for parts and supplies won’t slow you down with new and re-engineered REDZONE van storage accessories. Organizers and holders keep frequently used items in easy reach for maximum productivity. Tool cabinets, parts bin boxes, and locking storage keep small components organized. Our new Cab Command Center helps you stay in control.

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  Model No. Description Height Width Depth Weight Market Price
9874-7-01 Can Organizer 9.8" 12" 4" 3 lbs. See Price $25.00
9878-7-01 Cleaning Station 15½" 13" 7" 8 lbs. See Price $63.00
9879-7-01 Tool Organizer 5½" 15" 4" 3 lbs. See Price $25.00
9881-7-01 Caulk Tube Holder 7½" 13½" 7.6" 3 lbs. See Price $42.00
9882-7-01 Wire Spool Holder 26" 14" 6" 12 lbs. See Price $80.00
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