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Easy to Operate
50% easier to operate than competitor drop down ladder racks which reduces strain.

To maximize roof weight capacity while offering great fuel economy whether empty or fully loaded.
Fits extension ladders up to 40 ft and step/podium ladders from 3 ft -10 ft and easily operates with up to 100 lbs per side.

Cross Member
Optional cross member accommodates conduit carrier for additional secure storage.


The NEW EZGlide2 is the next generation of drop down ladder racks. It is designed to be the easiest, lightest and most versatile model on the market. Drop down ladder racks improve safety when handling heavy ladder loads especially from many of the new high roof van models. WEATHER GUARD® offers a complete line of Van Ladder Racks to choose from based on vehicle and application.

Series Model Matrix

Model No.Approx. Product WidthApprox. Product DepthApprox. Shipping LengthBuy Online
2261-3-0162 in112 in71-3/4 in
2265-3-0126 in112 in71-1/2 in
2267-3-0162 in77 in61-1/4 in
2271-3-0171-1/2 in130-3/4 in90-3/4 in
2275-3-0126 in130-3/4 in61-1/4 in
2277-3-0171-1/2 in130-3/4 in71-1/2 in
2291-3-0171-1/2 in130-3/4 in90-3/4 in
2295-3-0126 in130-3/4 in90-1/4 in
2297-3-0171-1/2 in130-3/4 in90-3/4 in