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Proximity Keyless Entry
Unlock and lock your truck box without touching a key or remote within a 5-ft range

Push Button Entry
Open up to 3 truck boxes on the same vehicle from up to 100-ft away

Security Peace of Mind
Quick Draw can keep your truck boxes locked even if you forget to

Add QuickDraw to an existing WEATHER GUARD® truck box or install on a new one


The QuickDraw Remote Access System is the fastest, easiest and most convenient access to your WEATHER GUARD® truck box. Use the hands free proximity mode within 5 feet or use the QuickDraw FOB buttons to open your truck box from up to 100 feet away. With the ability to program 10 FOBs per vehicle, you can retro-fit your existing WEATHER GUARD® truck box or install on a new WEATHER GUARD® truck box.

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