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Underbed Box

D-Handle with Lock
Easy-to-grip stainless steel D handle with drill-resistant lock core for protection against break-ins.
Drop Down Door
Tool-less quick release drop down door that provides full, easy access and adjusts from 90o to 180o
Latching System
Three-point latching system for optimum security to ensure your valuables are safe.
Weather Resistant
Gutter design and weather stripping that protects against the elements to keep contents dry.


The rugged Underbed Storage Boxes are designed for heavy-duty trucks and semis to keep larger, heavy items and tools secure yet easily accessible. The 3-point latching system helps protect against theft and weather. Available in steel or aluminum with an ARMOR-TUF® Powder Coat finish to ensure years of dependability.

Series Model Matrix

Model No.Approx. Product HeightApprox. Product LengthApprox. Product WidthApprox. Shipping Weight lb (kg)Approx. Cu. Ft. Per UnitMaterialBuy Online
524-3-0218-1/8 in24-1/8 in18-1/4 in58 (26.3)4.5Steel
524-5-0218-1/8 in24-1/8 in18-1/4 in58 (26.3)4.5Steel
525-3-0214-1/8 in24-1/8 in12-3/8 in39 (17.7)2.3Steel
525-5-0214-1/8 in24-1/8 in12-3/8 in39 (17.7)2.3Steel
530-3-0218-1/4 in30-1/8 in18-1/8 in68 (30.8)5.6Steel
530-5-0218-1/4 in30-1/8 in18-1/8 in68 (30.8)5.6Steel
536-3-0218 in36-5/8 in18-1/4 in81 (36.7)6.2Steel
536-5-0218-1/8 in36-5/8 in18-1/4 in81 (36.7)6.2Steel
538-3-0224-1/8 in36-5/8 in24-1/4 in110 (49.9)12.1Steel
538-5-0224-1/8 in36-5/8 in24-1/4 in110 (49.9)12.1Steel
548-3-0218-1/8 in48-1/8 in18-1/4 in95.5 (43.3)9.1Steel
548-5-0218-1/8 in48-1/8 in18-1/4 in95.5 (43.3)9.1Steel
550-3-0224-1/8 in48-1/8 in24-1/4 in139 (63)16.2Steel
550-5-0224-1/8 in48-1/8 in24-1/4 in139 (63)16.2Steel
560-3-0218-1/8 in60-1/8 in18-1/4 in119 (54)11.2Steel
560-5-0218-1/8 in60-1/8 in18-1/4 in119 (54)11.2Steel
562-5-0224-1/8 in60-1/8 in24-1/4 in158 (71.7)20.0Steel
622-0-0214 in24-1/8 in12-1/4 in24 (10.9)2.4Aluminum
622-5-0214 in24-1/8 in12-1/4 in24 (10.9)2.4Aluminum
627-0-0218 in24-1/8 in18 in34 (15.4)4.3Aluminum
631-0-0218 in30-1/8 in18 in39 (17.7)5.4Aluminum
631-5-0218 in30-1/8 in18 in39 (17.7)5.4Aluminum
636-0-0218 in36-5/8 in18 in46 (20.9)6.5Aluminum
636-5-0218 in36-5/8 in18 in46 (20.9)6.5Aluminum
638-0-0224 in36-5/8 in24 in60 (27.2)12.2Aluminum
648-0-0219 in48-1/8 in18 in56 (25.4)8.6Aluminum
650-0-0224 in48-1/8 in24 in83 (37.6)16.0Aluminum
660-0-0218 in60-1/8 in18 in103 (46.7)11.2Aluminum
660-5-0218 in60-1/8 in18 in103 (46.7)11.2Aluminum
662-0-0224 in60-1/8 in24 in94 (42.6)20.0Aluminum