Read how WEATHER GUARD® Storage Systems have held up for our customers under both the tests of time and tense situations. If you have your own WEATHER GUARD® equipment experience, send it our way. We'd love to hear it!
Weather Guard Truck Ladder Rack
"I want to thank you guys for making an amazing product. I survived hurricane Harvey and so did my toolbox with 1000's dollars worth of tools and dry!

-Lee R., Gray, TX
"I was driving my truck on the freeway, going about 60 mph, when the tread separated on the left rear tire. I hit a temporary highway sign and the truck went in the air, twisted around and landed upside down. After I knew my wife and I were safe, I realized my WEATHER GUARD® Truck Box was still locked. The truck was totaled, but the box didn't even open. Inside the box, I had a bunch of small hand tools, a power saw, drill bit and nail sets stuff you need for construction work. It was easily more than $1,000 in value. But nothing was damaged, just jumbled. More importantly, the tools weren't all over the highway. It's really a quality box and very secure."

- Wesley, Bakersfield, CA
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"I use mine on my work truck. It gets opened and closed at least 20 times a day. Extreme cold to surface-of-the-sun hot, these tool boxes preform better then any other! I have it packed full of tools and parts, it holds up to the constant abuse I put it through! I can't stand the flimsy competitors. WEATHER GUARD® is the only box I trust!

-John, Sunnyvale, CA
"The WEATHER GUARD® Truck Tool Boxes are the best. I purchased one for my work truck and worked it hard for twenty years. The truck gave up before the box at 300,000 miles. I purchased a new truck and had to have a new WEATHER GUARD® Box just because of cosmetic reasons. I did not want to throw out the old box thinking someone might have a use for it. I put it out in the annual neighborhood garage sale. Sure enough, someone happened by and had a use. Great boxes, and keep up the great work."

- Dennis, Simi Valley, CA
"I had a head-on collision when someone crossed the road in front of me. My WEATHER GUARD® Truck Tool Box was the only thing that could be salvaged. It didn't have a scratch on it."

- Paul, Lebanon, KY
"We used the boxes for overnight storage of sensitive field testing and analytical equipment. One morning (truck being parked at a storage yard) we come to find out that someone attempted a break in and was unsuccessful in their attempt. They damaged the box with hammers and crowbars, but were unsuccessful in getting into the boxes. For this I was grateful and will always trust the quality and security of WEATHER GUARD® Tool Boxes. It protected our investment. Thanks for the quality products and good customer service. Worth its weight in gold!"

- Elizardo, Tucson, AZ
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"I rolled my truck at 70-mph with a WEATHER GUARD® saddle box. It bounced twice when it came out of the back, but never opened. It's back in my new truck now and is still square. I will never buy a different brand."

-Ken, Burr Oak, MI
"I purchased a Model #127 aluminum crossover box in 1992, it is on its 3rd truck, with only 1 set of lid supports. It is used hard, looks great, and everything works great. WEATHER GUARD® labels are still intact on the sides. Thanks for a very good product."

- John, Pottsville, PA