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Adjustable Shelving

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Adjustable van shelving sets offer a convenient way to create a customized van storage system. Dividers and bins create a custom storage solution that securely organizes items that need to be located quickly and easily.





    Model No.StyleApprox. Product HeightApprox. Product DepthApprox. Product WidthMaterialColorBuy Online
    8393-3-01Adjustable59-1/2 in24 in42-1/4 inSteelWhite
    8394-3-01Adjustable59-1/2 in24 in51-1/4 inSteelWhite
    8395-3-01Adjustable59-1/2 in24 in69-1/4 inSteelWhite
    8841Accessory1/8 in14 in150 inPolyetheleneBlack
    9113-3-01Accessory2 in13 in36 inSteelWhite
    9114-3-01Accessory2 in13 in42 inSteelWhite
    9115-3-01Accessory2 in13 in52 inSteelWhite
    9116-3-01Accessory2 in13 in60 inSteelWhite
    9123-3-01Accessory2 in10-1/2 in36 inSteelWhite
    9124-3-01Accessory2 in10-1/2 in42 inSteelWhite
    9125-3-01Accessory2 in10-1/2 in52 inSteelWhite
    9126-3-01Accessory2 in10-1/2 in60 inSteelWhite
    9133-3-01Accessory2 in13 in36 inSteelWhite
    9134-3-01Accessory2 in13 in42 inSteelWhite
    9135-3-01Accessory2 in13 in52 inSteelWhite
    9136-3-01Accessory2 in13 in60 inSteelWhite
    9143-3-01Accessory2 in13-1/2 in36 inSteelWhite
    9144-3-01Accessory2 in13-1/2 in42 inSteelWhite
    9145-3-01Accessory2 in13-1/2 in52 inSteelWhite
    9146-3-01Accessory2 in13-1/2 in60 inSteelWhite
    9163-3-01Accessory2 in16 in36 inSteelWhite
    9164-3-01Accessory2 in16 in42 inSteelWhite
    9165-3-01Accessory2 in16 in52 inSteelWhite
    9166-3-01Accessory2 in16 in60 inSteelWhite
    9203-3-01Accessory34 in13 in2 inSteelWhite
    9204-3-01Accessory44 in16 in2 inSteelWhite
    9206-3-01Accessory60 in16 in2 inSteelWhite
    9234-3-01Accessory46 in13 in2 inSteelWhite
    9236-3-01Accessory60 in13 in2 inSteelWhite
    9243-3-01Accessory34 in13-1/2 in2 inSteelWhite
    9244-3-01Accessory46 in13-1/2 in2 inSteelWhite
    9246-3-01Accessory32 in13-1/2 in2 inSteelWhite
    9274-3-01Accessory44 in16 in2 inSteelWhite
    9276-3-01Accessory60 in16 in2 inSteelWhite
    9333-3-03Adjustable34 in13-1/2 in36 inSteelWhite
    9334-3-03Adjustable34 in13-1/2 in42 inSteelWhite
    9335-3-03Adjustable34 in13-1/2 in52 inSteelWhite
    9336-3-03Adjustable34 in13-1/2 in60 inSteelWhite
    9343-3-03Adjustable44 in16 in36 inSteelWhite
    9344-3-03Adjustable44 in16 in42 inSteelWhite
    9345-3-03Adjustable44 in16 in52 inSteelWhite
    9346-3-03Adjustable44 in16 in60 inSteelWhite
    9353-3-03Adjustable44 in13-1/2 in36 inSteelWhite
    9354-3-03Adjustable44 in13-1/2 in42 inSteelWhite
    9355-3-03Adjustable44 in13-1/2 in52 inSteelWhite
    9356-3-03Adjustable44 in13-1/2 in60 inSteelWhite
    9363-3-03Adjustable60 in16 in36 inSteelWhite
    9364-3-03Adjustable60 in16 in42 inSteelWhite
    9365-3-03Adjustable60 in16 in52 inSteelWhite
    9366-3-03Adjustable60 in16 in60 inSteelWhite
    9373-3-03Adjustable60 in13-1/2 in36 inSteelWhite
    9374-3-03Adjustable60 in13-1/2 in42 inSteelWhite
    9375-3-03Adjustable60 in13-1/2 in52 inSteelWhite
    9376-3-03Adjustable60 in13-1/2 in60 inSteelWhite
    9381-3-03Adjustable44 in16 in42 inSteelWhite
    9391-3-03Adjustable60 in16 in42 inSteelWhite
    9503-3-01Accessory10-1/2 in1 in32-1/2 inSteelWhite
    9504-3-01Accessory10-1/2 in1 in38-1/2 inSteelWhite
    9505-3-01Accessory10-1/2 in1 in48-1/2 inSteelWhite
    9506-3-01Accessory10-1/2 in1 in56-1/2 inSteelWhite
    9603-3-01Accessory8 in1/16 in36 inSteelWhite
    9603-3-02Accessory8 in1/16 in36 inSteelWhite
    9604-3-01Accessory8 in1/16 in42 inSteelWhite
    9604-3-02Accessory8 in1/16 in42 inSteelWhite
    9605-3-01Accessory8 in1/16 in52 inSteelWhite
    9605-3-02Accessory8 in1/16 in52 inSteelWhite
    9606-3-01Accessory8 in1/16 in60 inSteelWhite
    9606-3-02Accessory8 in1/16 in60 inSteelWhite
    9703-3-02Accessory1-1/2 in1-1/2 in36 inSteelWhite
    9704-3-02Accessory1-1/2 in1-1/2 in42 inSteelWhite
    9705-3-02Accessory1-1/2 in1-1/2 in52 inSteelWhite
    9706-3-02Accessory1-1/2 in1-1/2 in60 inSteelWhite
    9730-3-01Accessory36 in1/8 in3 inSteelWhite
    9740-3-01Accessory44 in1/8 in3 inSteelWhite
    9760-3-01Accessory60 in1/8 in3 inSteelWhite
    9820Accessory2-1/2 in0 in10 inSteelGray
    9823Accessory2-1/2 in0 in13 inSteelGray
    9825Accessory2-1/2 in0 in13-1/2 inSteelGray
    9826Accessory2-1/2 in1/8 in16 inSteelGray
    9832Accessory1/8 in150 in13 inPolyetheleneBlack
    9836Accessory1/8 in150 in16 inPolyetheleneBlack