Transfer Tank, L-Shape

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Transfer Tanks offer a safer mode of transportation for diesel fuel to the jobsite and beyond. The L-shaped steel Transfer Tank is designed to be used with Cross Boxes and Saddle Boxes only. Available in 50, 75, 90 and 110 gal storage capacity.


  • Use separately or in combination with most Cross or Saddle boxes
  • Vented filler cap prevents excessive pressure build-up
  • Interior baffle design reduces fuel movement
  • ARMOR-TUF® Powder Coat finish ensures years of dependability
  • Limited lifetime warranty ensures unparalleled quality




Model No.Approx. Product HeightApprox. Product LengthApprox. Product WidthColorTank CapacityBuy Online
350-3-0122in32-1/4in30inWhite50 gallons
350-5-0122in32-1/4in30inBlack50 gallons
351-3-0126in24in30inWhite40 gallons
351-5-0126in24in30inBlack40 gallons
352-3-0126in43in30inWhite75 gallons
352-5-0126in43in30inBlack75 gallons
354-3-0126in52in30inWhite90 gallons
354-5-0126in52in30inBlack90 gallons
360-3-0127in49in37-1/2inWhite110 gallons
360-5-0127in49in37-1/2inBlack110 gallons