Lo-Side Box

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Lo-Side Boxes mount over the bedrails of your truck and keep critical tools and parts at your fingertips. Easy installation utilizes mounting brackets that do not require drilling into the rails. Available in steel or alumium with an ARMOR-TUF® Powder Coat finish to ensure years of dependability.


  • Use separately or in combination with Cross or Saddle boxes
  • 90 degree cover opening for easy access
  • Automotive-style rotary latch features smooth one-touch opening
  • Full weather seal protects against the elements
  • 12 volt access for electrical up-fits
  • ARMOR-TUF® Powder Coat finish ensures years of dependability
  • Limited lifetime warranty ensures unparalleled quality




Model No.Approx. Product HeightApprox. Product LengthApprox. Product WidthApprox. Cu. Ft. Per UnitMaterialColorBuy Online
164-0-0113-1/2 in87-3/4 in16-1/4 in6.4AluminumClear
164-5-0113-1/2 in87-1/8 in16-1/4 in6.4AluminumGloss Black
165-3-0113 in87-3/4 in13-5/8 in6.2SteelWhite
166-3-0113-7/8 in87-7/8 in18-1/8 in9.2SteelWhite
174-0-0113-1/4 in56-1/4 in16-1/4 in4.1AluminumClear
174-3-0113-1/4 in56-1/4 in16-1/4 in4.1AluminumWhite
174-5-0113-1/4 in56-1/4 in16-1/4 in4.1AluminumGloss Black
174-52-0113-1/4 in56-1/4 in16-1/4 in4.1AluminumTextured Matte Black
175-3-0112-7/8 in60-3/8 in13-5/8 in4.5SteelWhite
176-3-0114 in60-1/4 in18 in6.5SteelWhite
176-5-0114 in60-1/4 in18 in6.5SteelGloss Black
178-0-0111-3/4 in59-1/4 in19-1/4 in4.3AluminumClear
178-5-0111-3/4 in59-1/4 in19-1/4 in4.3AluminumGloss Black
179-0-0111-3/4 in59-1/4 in19-1/4 in4.3AluminumClear
179-5-0111-3/4 in59-1/4 in19-1/4 in4.3AluminumGloss Black
180-0-0111-3/4 in44-1/4 in19-1/4 in3.2AluminumClear
180-5-0111-3/4 in44-1/4 in19-1/4 in3.2AluminumGloss Black
181-0-0111-3/4 in44-1/4 in19-1/4 in3.2AluminumClear
181-5-0111-3/4 in44-1/4 in19-1/4 in3.2AluminumGloss Black
184-0-0113-1/4 in47-1/4 in16-1/4 in3.4AluminumClear
184-3-0113-1/4 in47-1/4 in16-1/4 in3.4AluminumWhite
184-5-0113-1/4 in47-1/4 in16-1/4 in3.4AluminumGloss Black
184-52-0113-1/4 in47-1/4 in16-1/4 in3.4AluminumTextured Matte Black
185-3-0113 in46-1/4 in13-1/2 in3.2SteelWhite
186-3-0113 in46-3/4 in18 in4.5SteelWhite