QuickDraw Remote Access System

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Upgrade your WEATHER GUARD saddle box with the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to access your truck box. The Quick Draw system is a dual-mode keyless access system for WEATHER GUARD truck boxes with proximity keyless entry and push-button entry.


  • Proximity Keyless Entry (mode 1) - unlock and lock your truck box without touching a key or remote (5 foot range)
  • Push-button Entry (mode 2) - unlock, lock and OPEN up to 3 truck boxes on the same vehicle from over 100 feet away
  • The Quick Draw system features a multi-level digital encryption for increased security.
  • Program up to 10 total remote FOBs per vehicle to give controlled access to multiple users.
  • Quick Draw components meet automotive grade durability standards for long lasting reliability and performance in the toughest work conditions.
  • Quick Draw is retro-fittable to an existing WEATHER GUARD truck box or can be installed with a new WEATHER GUARD truck box
  • Quick Draw saddle box starter kit model QDSKSA01 is compatible with WEATHER GUARD saddle boxes
  • Fits Model 116-3-02, 116-5-02, 117-0-02, 117-5-02, 123-0-01, 123-5-02, 126-3-02, 126-5-02, 127-0-02, 127-5-02, 128-3-01, 136-3-01, 137-0-01, 137-5-01, 154-0-01, 154-5-01, 156-3-01
  • Protected by WEATHER GUARD 2-year warranty




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