Underbed Box


The rugged Underbed Storage Boxes are designed for heavy-duty trucks and semis to keep larger, heavy items and tools secure yet easily accessible. The 3-point latching system helps protect against theft and weather. Available in steel or aluminum with an ARMOR-TUF® Powder Coat finish to ensure years of dependability.

Series Model Matrix

Model No.Approx. Product HeightApprox. Product LengthApprox. Product WidthApprox. Cu. Ft. Per UnitMaterialColorBuy Online
524-3-0218-1/8 in24-1/8 in18-1/4 in4.5SteelWhite
524-5-0218-1/8 in24-1/8 in18-1/4 in4.5SteelGloss Black
525-3-0214-1/8 in24-1/8 in12-3/8 in2.3SteelWhite
525-5-0214-1/8 in24-1/8 in12-3/8 in2.3SteelGloss Black
530-3-0218-1/4 in30-1/8 in18-1/8 in5.6SteelWhite
530-5-0218-1/4 in30-1/8 in18-1/8 in5.6SteelGloss Black
536-3-0218 in36-5/8 in18-1/4 in6.2SteelWhite
536-5-0218-1/8 in36-5/8 in18-1/4 in6.2SteelGloss Black
538-3-0224-1/8 in36-5/8 in24-1/4 in12.1SteelWhite
538-5-0224-1/8 in36-5/8 in24-1/4 in12.1SteelGloss Black
548-3-0218-1/8 in48-1/8 in18-1/4 in9.1SteelWhite
548-5-0218-1/8 in48-1/8 in18-1/4 in9.1SteelGloss Black
550-3-0224-1/8 in48-1/8 in24-1/4 in16.2SteelWhite
550-5-0224-1/8 in48-1/8 in24-1/4 in16.2SteelGloss Black
560-3-0218-1/8 in60-1/8 in18-1/4 in11.2SteelWhite
560-5-0218-1/8 in60-1/8 in18-1/4 in11.2SteelGloss Black
562-5-0224-1/8 in60-1/8 in24-1/4 in20.0SteelGloss Black
622-0-0214 in24-1/8 in12-1/4 in2.4AluminumClear
622-5-0214 in24-1/8 in12-1/4 in2.4AluminumGloss Black
627-0-0218 in24-1/8 in18 in4.3AluminumClear
631-0-0218 in30-1/8 in18 in5.4AluminumClear
631-5-0218 in30-1/8 in18 in5.4AluminumGloss Black
636-0-0218 in36-5/8 in18 in6.5AluminumClear
636-5-0218 in36-5/8 in18 in6.5AluminumGloss Black
638-0-0224 in36-5/8 in24 in12.2AluminumClear
648-0-0219 in48-1/8 in18 in8.6AluminumClear
650-0-0224 in48-1/8 in24 in16.0AluminumClear
660-0-0218 in60-1/8 in18 in11.2AluminumClear
660-5-0218 in60-1/8 in18 in11.2AluminumGloss Black
662-0-0224 in60-1/8 in24 in20.0AluminumClear