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Cable/Plumber Van Packages

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To help streamline setup, these packages provide a pre-selected assortment of van accessories chosen specifically for plumbers and plumbing contractors. Packages may include a bulkhead, adjustable shelving, drawer cabinets, shelf doors, Pack Rat® pull out storage and accessories.


  • Includes adjustable shelving, drawer cabinets, a shelf door, aluminum Pack Rat, accessories and a bulkhead
  • Additional products available to create a custom van solution




Model No.Vehicle Brand, ModelVehicle TypeVehicle YearWheel BaseApprox. Shipping Weight Lbs.Buy Online
600-8112LFord TransitFull-Size2015 and newerLong464
600-8112RFord TransitFull-Size2015 and newerRegular445
600-8122LGM Savana, Chevy ExpressCompact2015 and newerLong343
600-8122RGM Savana, Chevy ExpressCompact2015 and newerRegular343
600-8132RNissan NV2500Full-Size2015 and newerRegular445
600-8212LFord TransitMid-Roof2015 and newerLong694
600-8212RFord TransitMid-Roof2015 and newerRegular607
600-8312LFord Transit Connect 2014Compact2014 and newerLong343
600-8322Chevy City Express, Nissan NV200Compact2009 and newer343
600-8342RAM PROMASTER CITYCompact2015 and newer343
600-8352Mercedes MetrisCompact2016 and newer371
600-8412LFord TransitHigh-Roof2015 and newerLong694
600-8412XFord TransitHigh-Roof2015 and newerExtended747
600-8442LRAM PROMASTERHigh-Roof2014 and newerLong680
600-8442RRAM PROMASTERMid/High-Roof2014 and newerRegular735
600-8442SRAM PROMASTERMid-Roof2014 and newerShort680
600-8442XRAM PROMASTERHigh-Roof2014 and newerExtended735