Ute Box FAQ

Will this truck box fit my truck?

Use this Truck Fit Guide to help decide which boxes will fit in the vehicle.

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Can I purchase replacement keys online?
Yes. WEATHER GUARD® has formed a partnership with Simply Keys to enable our customers to easily and conveniently purchase replacement keys online! Please remember, in order to purchase replacement keys you must know your key code and which type of box do you have (Saddle, Cross, Lo-Side, Hi-Side, or Pork Chop Box or All-Purpose Chest). Without a key code it may be necessary to replace the lock. One of the benefits of registering your products with us is that we can have your key codes ready when you need them and save you the expense of replacing your locks due to lost keys.
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How do I change the Extreme Protection® Lock on a Top Opening WEATHER GUARD® box?
Watch our WEATHER GUARD® Tutorial on how to change the Extreme Protection® Lock on our featured videos page.

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How do I install a WEATHER GUARD® Cross or Saddle Box on my truck?
Watch our WEATHER GUARD® Tutorial for easy installation tips for Cross or Saddle Boxes. You will also find installation tips for Ford F-150, Ford F-250, and Ford F-350 models with aluminum truck beds on our featured videos page.

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Can I get my boxes keyed the same?
Yes, your WEATHER GUARD® Truck Boxes can be keyed all the same. If you currently own boxes, you can purchase replacement lock cylinders from your local WEATHER GUARD® Distributor. If you are purchasing new boxes, just ask your local WEATHER GUARD® Distributor to order your boxes keyed alike.
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All I have is my serial number. Can you tell me what box I have?
No. The serial number only tells us when your box was manufactured. The model number is on a decal located on the outside of the equipment or in some cases on the inside cover of the equipment.

Can your truck boxes be repainted?
Yes. The powder coating on our truck tool boxes and ladder racks makes an excellent undercoating.

Are WEATHER GUARD® truck boxes fireproof?
WEATHER GUARD® truck boxes are not fire rated.

Can I have boxes made to my specific dimensions?
Probably not. We do not custom make equipment unless there are some large (20+?) quantities involved.
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Are there replacement parts available for WEATHER GUARD® Products?
Replacement parts can be ordered through your local WEATHER GUARD® Distributor.
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Can I register my product and key code?

Yes. WEATHER GUARD® recommends registering all your key codes in order to keep them secure and prevent the expense of replacing a lock due to lost keys. Simply navigate to the registration page and then enter your product details, including the key code if desired, to register your WEATHER GUARD® product.

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What is the warranty on WEATHER GUARD® Truck Boxes?
WEATHER GUARD® Truck Boxes come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty from manufacturer defects. Please review the manual for full warranty information.

Can I order WEATHER GUARD® Products direct?
No. WEATHER GUARD® Products are only available through fine industrial, contractor and truck equipment supply houses located throughout the U.S. and Canada. We also have distribution in Europe and Australia. 
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How can I become a distributor of WEATHER GUARD® Products?
We sell our products through the finest industrial, contractor and truck equipment supply houses. If you would like to explore the possibility of becoming a distributor of our products, please contact our Customer Care team with your company information and why you want to be a distributor.
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Which trade shows does WEATHER GUARD® attend?
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