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WEATHER GUARD® Introduces New Colors for Truck Boxes and Transfer Tanks

Mar 4, 2015

Crystal Lake, IL, March 4, 2015 – WEATHER GUARD®, a manufacturing leader in truck and van storage equipment, has introduced new colors for WEATHER GUARD® Truck Boxes and Transfer Tanks. The new truck box colors of Matte Black and Gloss White bring more options to personal, work and fleet vehicles. The new gloss white color, is especially well-suited for both utility services and government trucks. The white boxes match the most popular truck color sold and provide a more professional, uniform look. The WEATHER GUARD® Transfer Tanks are now available in gloss black, designed specifically for transferring diesel fuel from the bed of a pickup truck to remote or heavy equipment.


“We introduced the new WEATHER GUARD® colors as a way for professional contractors and utility workers to personalize and customize their work vehicles,” said George Schultz, Product Manager. “We know that a person’s truck says a lot about them, so it’s important to have options when they add security and extra storage, especially when a truck serves as their mobile office. Rolling up to any jobsite with WEATHER GUARD® Professional Truck Boxes in your vehicle is a direct reflection of a person’s professionalism and image.”


New Color Options For Truck Boxes and Transfer Tanks


WEATHER GUARD® is recognized as a premium storage solution designed to organize, secure and transport tools and equipment and the Truck Boxes are now available with new color options. For owners of fleet vehicles looking to match the box color to the standard gloss white truck, WEATHER GUARD® uses a strong powder coat finish for years of durability and dependability. The matte black color has a tough, textured finish for slip-resistance and durability. Both colors are available on multiple WEATHER GUARD® Truck Box models.


WEATHER GUARD® Transfer Tanks are now available in Gloss Black. Transfer Tanks offer a safe mode of transportation of diesel fuel to the jobsite and beyond. The Transfer Tanks feature fully arc-welded, heavy 14 gauge steel construction for long-lasting durability. The interior baffle design reduces fuel movement and provides extra tank reinforcement. The lockable vented filler cap prevents excessive pressure build-up and the threaded filler neck accepts standard
2” threaded pipe.


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