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WEATHER GUARD® Introduces New EZGlide2™ Drop-Down Ladder Racks

Jul 20, 2015

Next Generation Ladder Racks Improve Safety When Handling Heavy Ladder Loads



CRYSTAL LAKE, IL July 20, 2015 – WEATHER GUARD® announced today the release of the next generation EZGlide2™ Drop-Down Ladder Racks for contractors and remodelers who need to secure and transport their ladders and electrical conduit on top of a van. This evolutionary product is designed to be the easiest, lightest and most versatile model on the market.


The EZGlide2™ drop-down ladder racks improve user safety when handling heavy ladder loads, especially with many of the new high-roof van models. It is also 50% easier to operate than competitor drop-down racks. The heavy-duty design is built with long-lasting powder coated aluminum for continual use and because it is the lightest weight drop-down ladder rack, it maximizes the roof weight capacity of the van and improves vehicle gas mileage.


“We made significant enhancements across the board to the new EZGlide2™ Drop-Down Ladder-Racks,” said Jeff Kotz, Senior Product Manager at WEATHER GUARD®. “We are continually field testing our products and listening to our customers so we can improve WEATHER GUARD® products in every way possible.”


WEATHER GUARD® offers a complete line of van ladder racks to choose from based on vehicle styles and applications, including models for compact, full size, mid-roof and high-roof vans. The EZGlide2™ is the latest addition to the portfolio and offers a solution that maximizes roof weight capacity to safely hold the most equipment and supplies possible. Not only is the EZGlide2™ lighter in weight but it is also lighter in cost and will be more affordable than the first generation EZGlideTM models. Additional product features include:


  • Easy to Operate: 50% easier to operate than competitor drop-down ladder racks, reducing strain on the user.


  • Lightweight: lightest drop-down ladder racks available improving fuel economy and maximizing roof weight capacity to hold materials.


  • Versatility: The EZGlide2™ Drop-Down ladder racks fit extension ladders up to 40’ and step or podium ladders from 3’-12’ and easily operates with up to 100 lbs of ladders per side. The optional third cross-member accommodates a conduit carrier for secure storage.


  • Simple Installation: The modular design of the EZGlide2™ Drop-Down ladder Racks make the installation easy to follow.


  • Mounting Kits: A variety of mounting kits are offered to allow OEM integration with a wide selection of van models.


  • Protection and Security: The rubber guard strip protects the ladders while the ladder lock bracket secures the holder in a loaded position.


  • Ease of Use: Features such as dual hydraulic struts for easier operation and simple bracket design for quick installation are beneficial for first time users.


  • Safety: The removable lever bracket secure ladders from theft and the storage clips secure the lever inside the van for extra protection.


For more information, visit our EZGlide2 page.