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New WEATHER GUARD® CabMax™ Composite Bulkhead Brings Comfort and Ease of Use to Commercial Van Users, Contractors and Technicians

Nov 26, 2019

Innovative design allows the new composite van bulkhead to prioritize driver comfort without sacrificing functionality


Itasca, IL, November 26, 2019—WEATHER GUARD®, an industry leader in truck and van equipment, announces the new WEATHER GUARD® CabMax Composite Bulkhead. Designed to enhance drivers’ comfort and workspace, the revolutionary, single-piece design is strong yet lightweight weighing just 55 lbs. The CabMax Composite Bulkhead provides enhanced driver comfort, noise reduction, climate control, and customization options.

“When we set out to create the new CabMax Composite Bulkhead we researched pain points end users and installers had with traditional Steel Bulkheads,” said Adam Molberger, Senior Product Manager for WEATHER GUARD® Van. “We realized that using innovative design and a new material could solve a lot of these challenges.”

In commercial vans, bulkheads are crucial to the safety of the user and functionality of the vehicle. The bulkhead separates the driver from the cargo area, providing protection from shifting loads. In the past, van bulkheads have not been a great platform for mounting van storage components or other accessories, but the new CabMax Composite Bulkhead has transformed it into a useable part of van equipment. The new CabMax Composite Bulkhead has accessory panels that can be placed in 14 different attachment points. The accessory panels are designed to accompany the WEATHER GUARD® REDZONE accessories, but also offer standard threaded inserts to use off-the-shelf attachments.


Designed For Driver Comfort and Functionality

In addition to the CabMax Composite Bulkhead providing more space for accessories, tools, and personal items, it also provides more room for the driver. Because commercial drivers spend a significant amount of their day in their van’s cab, comfort was especially important when designing the WEATHER GUARD® CabMax Composite Bulkhead. The new bump-out design allows the driver’s seat to recline up to 35 degrees–the largest driver seat range of motion in the industry.

The single-piece design of the CabMax Composite Bulkhead is customized to the model of the van, providing a tight fit and reducing noise from the cargo area. This eliminates the rattling sound that often comes with even well installed Steel Bulkhead van units.


Easy Installation and Assembly

The design of the WEATHER GUARD® CabMax Composite Bulkhead makes installation easier than ever with no floor drilling required. There are minimal components to assemble prior to installation, and the composite materials form a product that is 25 percent lighter than Steel Bulkheads.

The WEATHER GUARD® CabMax Composite Bulkhead is custom-designed for the most popular models of commercial vans. The first available product fits mid and high roof Ford Transit models, with additional makes and models becoming available over the next 18 months. The OEM specific designs maximize the use of OEM mounting points and holes. This minimizes the number of holes needing to be drilled in the van, eliminating pre-measurement and floor drilling. The automatic floor height adjustability adapts to floor height while in the van to simplify installation.

These benefits are all above and beyond the primary purpose of the CabMax Composite Bulkhead, which is to protect the driver. The CabMax bulkhead was designed and tested to meet the high standards set by WEATHER GUARD®.

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