WEATHER GUARD® Celebrates Everyday Heroes
At WEATHER GUARD, we salute the everyday heroes; the early risers, the last-to-leavers—the ones who punch in and never punch out… the ones who spend their days building dreams, and making moments matter. For you, it’s not about the paycheck, it’s about the giveback. Whatever the weather—and whatever the world throws at you—WEATHER GUARD has got your back. https://www.weatherguard.com/hero

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WG Hero - Mike


Mike - Handyman

I want to nominate my brother-in-law Mike as my #WEATHERGUARDhero! Mike has a special story and we are fortunate to have him in our lives today. For the past 5 years he has been free from addiction thanks to No Longer Bound, an incredible non-profit that supports the recovery process for addicts and their families. Today, Mike now has his own business, Ousley Handyman Services, is getting married in November to a wonderful woman, and he also volunteers to support others as they seek help from addiction. I am so proud of how hard he has worked, how far he has come and how generous he is of his time to support others and give thanks! We love you!

WG Hero Marcus


Marcus - Plumber

I want to recognize my boss Marcus, no one knows the plumbing trade better than him; aerators for splashing faucets, identifying slab leaks and mapping out new lines for extensive remodeling projects. He’s got a solution for everything. People trust Marcus to get the job done, and Marcus trusts WEATHER GUARD’s van storage solutions to help him stay organized and productive each and every day. When you want the job done right, Marcus is the one you trust and that’s why he is my #WEATHERGUARDhero.

WG Hero Carlos


Carlos - Contractor/Soccer Dad

My husband Carlos is AWESOME and I would like to nominate him as a #WEATHERGUARDhero! He works every day to build our American dream – he is a great husband, dad and now business owner. He works long days as a General Contractor and spends nights running soccer drills with our daughter and her team. His super cool matte black truck box is just about the only thing that can keep up with him! It’s hard juggling subcontractors, household demands and our busy family, but Carlos makes it look easy.

WG Hero Jim


Jim - Contractor/Volunteer Firefighter

My buddy Jim is my #WEATHERGUARDhero! Few people are as humble and hardworking as him. Once the sun’s up, he’s up and gone. Guys around here know him for his fully loaded truck, he’s got a saddle box, side boxes and a ladder rack all from WEATHER GUARD, of course. Jim is always available and ready for anything! A truly dedicated man. From budget overruns and labor shortages to a call from the Volunteer Fire Department needing backup. Jim is the most reliable, hardworking and dedicated guy I know.